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Varicose Veins: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

By VESA-LA | October 26, 2021 |
Varicose Veins

A varicose vein is a condition that manifests in vein deformities ranging from enlarged veins to twisted and purplish-looking veins. Studies by the society for vascular surgery reveal the condition is quite common in America and affects roughly a third of the entire country’s population. Varicose veins can be painful if blood pools around the affected area, causing the build-up of pressure and toxins, which…

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Step Away from the Chair – It Just May Save Your Life

By VESA-LA | September 20, 2021

How much of your day is spent sitting? If you’re like the average American, the answer is six and a half hours – eight if you’re a teen – according to the…

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By VESA-LA | August 31, 2021

VESA-LA is the first in Los Angeles County to use FlowTriever® for the treatment of pulmonary embolism. The FlowTriever® is the first mechanical thrombectomy device FDA indicated and purpose built for the…

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By VESA-LA | August 30, 2021

VESA-LA is one the first in Los Angeles County to use the ClotTriever® System for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The ClotTriever® System is an FDA cleared mechanical thrombectomy device…

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What Is A Carotid Bruit?

By VESA-LA | June 4, 2021

Has your doctor ever placed the bell of the stethoscope on either side of your neck, asked you to hold your breath – and then listened? Chances are your doctor was listening…

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12 Tips To Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis On Long Flights

By VESA-LA | May 28, 2021

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs when a blood clot forms within one of the body’s major blood vessels, usually somewhere inside the leg. While such a clot is not always dangerous in…

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Exercising As You Age – It’s Not Just About Muscle Strength

By VESA-LA | May 21, 2021

Researchers are finding that the benefits of exercising regularly as you age are both numerous and significant. Although exercise could be expected to increase muscle strength through repetitive use of muscles, it…

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DVT and Travel: Protecting Yourself from Deep Vein Thrombosis

By VESA-LA | May 14, 2021

When making travel plans, there are a lot of details to keep in mind. Between selecting your destination and planning your itinerary, you may not consider the impact that the travel alone…

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